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he had to move. Hed allowed for choppier seas for his trip in, and all the calm had really done for him was to give him the additional time to meditate on how much a lunatic he was for taking on another of these extraction xxx ray ban rubber wayfarer x jobs. Boris Filipovich Morozov walked outside the barracks where he still lived, staring upward. The lights at Bright Star made the sky into a feathery dome of descending flakes. He loved moments like this. Whos there? a voice asked. It had authority in it. Morozov, the young engineer answered as the figure came into the light. He saw the wide-brimmed hat of a senior Army officer. Good evening, Comrade Engineer. Youre on the mirror-control team, arent you? Bondarenko asked. Have we met? No. The Colonel shook his head. Do you know who I am? Page 366 Yes, Comrade Colonel.

and a young paratroop captain had escorted him inside, then to the office of General Ben Crofter, Chief of Staff,United StatesArmy.military headquartersand to his great surprise, to do so in full uniform. His car dropped him off at the River entrance, and a young paratroop captain had escorted him inside, then to the office of General Ben Crofter, Chief of Staff,United StatesArmy. ray ban rubber wayfarer Something that we thought you should see, Grigoriy , Crofter answered cryptically. They walked across the building to the Pentagons own helicopter pad, where to Dalmatovs astonishment they boarded a Marine helicopter of the Presidential Fleet. The Sikorsky lifted off at once, heading northwest into theMaryla ray ban rubber wayfarer ndhills. Twenty minutes later they were descending. Dalmatovs mind registered yet another surprise. The

had been dead. A day? Three days? It didnt matter. His bed was soft like a cloud, and the air around him smelled sweet with candles. Jesus was there, staring down at him. I am here, Jesus said. The stone has been rolled aside, and you are born again. He slept and awoke. Fog shrouded his thoughts ray ban rubber wayfarer . He had never believed in heaven, and yet Jesus wa ray ban rubber wayfarer s watching over him. Food appeared beside his bed, and the ghost ate it, almost able to feel the flesh materializing on his bones. He slept again. When he awoke, Jesus was still smiling down, speaking. You are saved, my son. Blessed are those who follow my path. Again, he slept. It was a scream of anguish that startled the ghost from his slumber. His body leapt out of bed, staggered down a hallway toward the sounds of shouting. He entered into a

to place that call. Keying into the cell phones menu, Fache pulled up the list of recently dialed numbers and found the call Langdon had p ray ban rubber wayfarer laced. A Paris exchange, followed by the three-digit code 454. Redialing the phone number, Fache waited as the line began ringing. Finally a womans voic ray ban rubber wayfarer e answered. Bonjour, vous êtes bien chez Sophie Neveu, the recording announced. Je suis absente pour le moment, mais... Faches blood was boiling as he typed the numbers 4... 5... 4. CHAPTER 26 Despite her monumental reputation, the Mona Lisa was a mere thirty-one inches by twenty-one inchessmaller even than the posters of her sold in the Louvre gift shop. She hung on the northwest wall of the Salle des Etats behind a two-inch-thick pane of protective Plexiglas. Painted on a poplar wood panel, her

insurance. We are all in this together now. This is a perfectly legal transaction, Aringarosa defended. Opus Dei is a personal prelature of Vatican City, and His Holiness can disperse monies however he sees fit. No law has been broken here. True, and yet... The secretariat leaned forward and his chai ray ban rubber wayfarer r creaked under the burden. We have no knowledge of what you intend to do with these funds, and if it is in any way illegal... Considering what you are asking of me, Aringarosa countered, what I do with this money is not your concern. There was a long silence. They know Im right, Aringarosa thought. Now, I imagine you have something for me to sign? They all jumped, eagerly pushing the paper toward him, as if they wished he would simply ray ban rubber wayfarer leave. Aringarosa eyed the sheet before him. It bore the

Dionysus. The newborn Krishna was presented with gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Even Christianitys weekly holy day was stolen from the pagans. What do you mean? Originally, Langdon said, Christianity honored the Jewish Sabbath of Saturday, but Constantine shifted it to coincide with the pagans veneration day of the sun. He paused, grinning. To this day, most churchgoers attend services on Sunday morning with no idea that they are there on account of the paga ray ban rubber wayfarer n sun gods weekly tributeSunday. Sophies head was spinning. And all of this relates to the Grail? Indeed, Teabing said. Stay with me ray ban rubber wayfarer . During this fusion of religions, Constantine needed to strengthen the new Christian tradition, and held a famous ecumenical gathering known as the Council of Nicaea. Sophie had heard of it only insofar as

guardians of ancient documents. Sophie looked at him. Did you mention the keystone? Langdon winced. He had. Numerous times. I talked a ray ban rubber wayfarer bout the supposed keystone as an example of the lengths to which the Priory would go to protect the Sangreal documents. Sophie looked amazed. I guess that explains P.S. Find Robert Langdon. Langdon sensed it was actually something else in the manuscript that had piqued Saunières interest, but that topic was something he would discuss with Sophie when they were alone. So, Sophie said, you lied to Captain Fache. What? Langdon demanded. You told him you had never corresponded with my grandfather. I didnt! My editor sent him a manuscript. Think about it, Robert. If Captain Fache didnt find the envelope in which your editor sent the manuscript, he would have ray ban rubber wayfarer to

back of the p ray ban rubber wayfarer lane and poured himself a hard drink. It was early, but he had not yet slept, so this hardl ray ban rubber wayfarer y counted as drinking before noon. Sitting in a plush bucket seat, he closed his eyes, trying to sort out what was going on. The Kent polices blunder could cost me dearly. Everyone was now on the lookout for a black Jaguar limousine. Faches phone rang, and he wished for a moments peace. Allo? Im en route to London. It was Bishop Aringarosa. Ill be arriving in an hour. Fache sat up. I thought you were going to Paris. I am deeply concerned. I have changed my plans. You should not have. Do you have Silas? No. His captors eluded the local police before I landed. Aringarosas anger rang sharply. You assured me you would stop that plane! Fache lowered his voice. Bishop, considering your